Sales in Life Sciences

Dr. Dan Neundorf offers Life Sciences Sales Consulting, Coaching and Training with:

  1. Sales Managers
  2. Sales Representatives
  3. Account Managers

Sales Managers

Top Sales Managers demonstrate an exceptional mix of competencies in the domains of Performance Coaching (Relationships and Selling), Collaboration (Head Office and the Field) and Human Resources (Performance Management, Conflict Resolution, Team Development). This 3-part series: What Great Sales Managers Need tackles these 3 pressing areas and is specifically designed for the busy Sales Manager.

Each part is a one day workshop with real case studies and practice through role play and after workshop coaching for the Sales Manager and Sales Director.

Part One: Performance Coaching

Relationships: Coach your Sales Representatives to have stronger, trusting and lasting relationships with customers. Help create resilient relationships that can withstand pressures and temptations from the external environment.

Selling: Coach your Sales Representatives to maximize their sales effectiveness by mining opportunities, leveraging advanced selling techniques and increasing customer value.

Part Two: Collaboration

Top Sales Managers coordinate the activities between Head and the Field with skill and finesse. They are relationship and performance experts ensuring that Head Office feels the Field Force is aligned and performing well and also ensuring the Field Force feels that Head Office is a true partner in their success.

Part 3: Human Resources

Sales Managers are a special breed of Manager. With the co-pressures of sales results and people management, Sales Managers are stretched. This workshop, specifically designed for the Human Resources component of Sales Management, offers insights and advice on the welter of challenges including, performance management, conflict resolution and team optimization.

Pre-workshop (Assessment)

  • Profile 1 – 2 current challenges for the Sales Manager

Post-workshop (1 Coaching Session @90 min)

  • Apply learning from workshop to your specific situation begin executing action plan (for Sales Managers and Sales Director)

Sales Representatives and Account Managers

Do you have challenging customers? Do you wish your sales closing rate was higher? Dr. Dan Neundorf teaches Sales Representatives and Account Managers how to succeed with challenging customers and close more sales. Guaranteed.

Challenging Customers Foundations – 1 day

The challenging customer. Many visits later you still feel that you aren’t getting the success you want or your company needs. You have shown your neat ipad presentation, glossy product information or that glowing research study and the customer’s response is “I know all of that and I get it”, and he or she still won’t budge. They still do not act in a way that says he or she understands or believes in what you are saying. You know that if you can have a breakthrough with this challenging customer, it will raise your game and profile in the organization.

In this workshop you will:

  • Uncover the explicit and implicit needs of your customer
  • Understand the real reason he or she is challenging
  • Recognize the differences between rapport and profitable business relationships
  • Tailor your key messages to the customer’s distinct personality
  • Plan how to have a better business relationship for lower financial and opportunity costs
  • Learn how to change a customer belief that leads to a new action – a sale

Challenging Customers Advanced – 2 Days

The Foundations Program was excellent because it taught you how to be successful with challenging customers. The Advanced Workshop leverages the learning from the Foundations Workshop and takes it to a new level by spending more time on the roles and introduces some advanced influence strategies to deepen business relationships and make a lasting impression with key customers. You know that if you can have a breakthrough with this challenging customer, it will raise your game and profile in the organization.

In this workshop you will:

  • Uncover the psychological aspects of decision making and apply learning to your customers
  • Understand the 5 relationship roles and when to execute each for strengthening any strained relationship
  • Learn advanced influence strategies that you can use in challenging situations
  • Tailor your key messages to the customer’s distinct personality – Part 2
  • Practice with real scenarios to ensure your techniques are authentic and natural

Advanced Techniques in Closing The Sale

Closing a sale means that you have gained the confidence of your customer to deliver something that they want. It means they trust you and have chosen you over others competing in the same space.

At times even when we feel we have (or we do have) the best product or service, our potential customers say NO even when they seem to agree with the benefits we have shared with them. We have gotten a YES throughout the process and then receive a NO when we try to close. It is frustrating and we feel we did not succeed. And our sales results reflect this. This workshop will teach you how to change this result by teaching advanced techniques in Closing A Sale.

In this workshop you will:

  • Understand what a customer needs in order to say YES
  • Diagnose reasons why some potential sales are not closing
  • Tailor your closing techniques to specific types of customers
  • Practice new closing techniques to build a natural and authentic presentation