Spotlight Program: Effectively Lead Millennials and Gen Z in the Life Sciences

Leading Millennials and Generation Z in the Life Sciences to increase engagement, reduce turnover and leverage talents.

If you are currently leading Millennials and Generation Z you have realized that they are distinct from other generations. They bring different skills to the workplace, different attitudes and different expectations of working life. As a leader of multiple generations, you also realize how you lead (and coach) each generation requires diverse approaches.

In this workshop, Dr. Dan Neundorf will offer you the experience of learning about Millennials and Generation Z from himself and both Millennials and Generation Z. You will learn first hand what it takes to lead them successfully in the Life Sciences. The workshop also includes leadership feedback from Millennials and Generation Z from your own company – so that you can apply workshop learning immediately.

Workshop Objectives:

  • Learn the differences between Millennials and Generation Z: the leadership they desire and the Life Science environment that they want to work in
  • Understand what attracts, retains, and engages Millennials and Gen Z’s to a Life Science organization and a Life Science leader
  • Practical techniques to coach and manage Millennials and Gen Z’s with real case studies and practice

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