Teams in Life Sciences

Dr. Dan Neundorf works with the following types of Life Science teams to optimize engagement and performance:

  • Life Sciences Core Teams: Core Team Optimization programs are categorized by team type. Team Optimization programs include: Leadership Teams, Sales Teams, Marketing Teams, Human Resources Teams, Business Partner Teams, Commercial Teams
  • Life Sciences Cross Functional Teams: Cross functional or extended team is a group of people with different functional expertise working toward a common goal. Team Optimization programs include: Project Teams, Employee Advisory Teams, Task Forces, Executive Boards, Brand Launch Teams, Administrative Associates Teams, Social Committees
  • Life Sciences Virtual Teams: The Virtual Team Optimization Program consists of 6 phases: Roles and Responsibilities, The Team Charter, Focusing Action and Collaboration, Conflict Resolution Skills, Change Management, and Leadership on the Team
  • Life Sciences Multi-disciplinary Teams: These specialized teams require a custom approach to ensure that all disciplines work well together on behalf of important stakeholder. The Multi-disciplinary Team Program gives the team the tools to be high performing and successful.
  • Life Sciences Customer Teams: Are you looking for a creative way to give your customers much more value than your competition? I work with your Customers Teams on their issues that are causing performance problems for their own organizations. When the problems are solved they thank YOU. That thank you results in: Greater customer loyalty, More access and an increase in sales.
    • Award winning Life Sciences Customer Team programs have included:
      • Conflict Resolution
      • Team Dynamics and Clarity
      • Team Collaboration
      • Team Trust
      • Planning for Teams
      • Getting Along: Personalities on the Team
      • The High Performance Work Team
      • Influence for Professionals