Close more sales, more often and strengthen customer relationships

Closing a sale means that you have gained the confidence of your customer to deliver something that he or she wants. It means your customer trusts you and have chosen you over others competing in the same space.

At times, even when we feel we have (or we do have) the best product or service, our potential customers say NO even when they seem to agree with the benefits we have shared with them. We have gotten a YES throughout the process and then receive a “NO” when we try to close. It is frustrating and we feel we did not succeed. And our sales results reflect this. This workshop will teach you how to change this result by teaching advanced techniques in closing a sale.

Dr. Dan Neundorf leads this one-day innovative workshop and teaches you how to close more sales while increasing customer confidence and forming stronger relationships. In this workshop you will:

  • Understand what a customer needs in order to say YES
  • Diagnose reasons why some potential sales are not closing
  • Tailor your closing techniques to specific types of customer
  • Practice new closing techniques to build a natural and authentic presentation

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