Leader Development
Transforming your company starts at the top. From doubling your client base to entering a new market, any significant shift starts with your culture of leadership.   Dr. Dan Neundorf guides you through solidifying goals and developing leadership throughout all levels of your company to reach those goals.

One-on-One Leader Coaching

The best companies change and grow over time, and it all begins with leadership.

Determining your effectiveness as a leader requires stepping outside of your company and outside of yourself. Taking proactive steps to identify areas for potential growth will move you closer to the goals you want to achieve.

Competency-Based Approach
Today’s leaders excel by building a wide range of skills by making an overall evaluation of a full range of components including:

  • How you approach organizational change, and with what mindset
  • The level of capabilities required by your position and industry
  • How you manage time and relationships
  • Where you find the balance between “hands on” and “hands off” leadership”
  • How you communicate and present yourself
  • Your levels of self-awareness and learning agility
  • Your mastery of decision-making and conflict-resolution abilities
Dr. Dan Neundorf has developed a comprehensive program to drive performance and efficiency by accelerating your individual growth. He will partner with you to quickly reach your desired outcomes, by engaging in his structured, effective approach. Using the proven method he’s developed after more than two decades of successfully propelling companies and their leaders forward, he will provide the customized service you need, including:
  • An experienced, confidential and safe environment
  • A testing ground where you can explore ideas
  • Opportunities to be challenged with new ways of thinking and perspectives
  • Measured progress toward achieving your leadership goals
  • A unique, effective process to where you will gain insights and uncover solutions for meeting  personal goals and business objectives
Dr. Dan Neundorf is a full member in the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC) and an Accredited Executive Coach in the Association For Professional Executive Coaching and Supervision (APECS). He will begin your relationship with a planning meeting designed to structure your program with the specific content needed to meet your individual goals.
Components of your one-on-one program may include:

  • Advancing Business Relationships
  • Having More Influence at Work
  • Conflict Resolution Mastery
  • From Storytelling to Action
  • Project Management Principles
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) Mastery
  • MBTI Leader Practicum: Retention and Implementation of the MBTI on your team
  • Getting the Sale by Changing Customer Minds
  • The New Leader Playbook
  • Leading Change and Engaging Others
  • Innovation that Creates Value
  • Advanced Facilitation Skills
  • Supervisory Skills: A Toolkit for Success

Group and Team Leadership Development

Most employees have some level of potential to further develop their leadership skills. To reach your overall organizational goals, it’s crucial to develop a culture of leadership where leaders at all levels are on the same page. This requires setting expectations for competencies, mindset and decision making.

Dr. Dan Neundorf has developed a comprehensive suite of programs specifically designed and crafted to meet the individual needs of the leaders within your company. Each program addresses certain fundamentals, while addressing the leadership goals you have determined for your specific organization.

Development Courses for Leaders with Direct Reports

One of the biggest challenges leaders face is juggling the many needs and personalities of their reports. Dr. Dan Neundorf has developed methods to help leaders continually grow throughout their careers.


This program prepares new managers for the challenges they will face. This program also serves as a succession planning tool for preparing your current workforce to enter management roles.


Through this program, experienced managers will have a chance to evaluate their success so far and identify areas for growth.


Moving into a director role presents its own unique challenges. This program addresses the needs of new director-level leaders.


In our most advanced program for leaders with direct reports, experienced directors and vice presidents will continue to expand their leadership capabilities.

Let’s talk about leadership in your organization.