Sales Best Practices Sharing

What is a sales best practice? 

  • A sales activity aligned with what your organization really wants a sales best practice to be (aligned to competencies, maintaining/exceeding  compliance standards, behaviours, values, goals, results)
  • A sales activity that garners above average results
  • A sales activity where components of it can be applied to any territory for any sales representative

Why do we share best practices?

Our hope is that team members will pick up some good ideas to apply in their own territories. This is the correct answer and can provide great value. What usually happens though?

  1. Sharing happens (can be like pulling teeth at times)
  2. Execution in other regions rarely happens 

Why is the act of Sharing difficult (at times)? 

  • The representative does not want to give up his or her edge
  • The feeling that a best practice has to be revolutionary
  • The loudest voice in the room takes over and those less prone to talk acquiesce 

Why does Execution rarely happen? 

  • The best practice is not seen as applicable to other territories
  • The best practice cannot be executed because of the need for training because a skillset is missing
  • The rep’s inability to recognize the same situation in his or her territory
  • The reason why it worked is never fully understood so an all or nothing attitude prevails 

Dr. Dan Neundorf has designed a Sales Best Practice process that ensures the most valuable Sales Best Practices are shared and their Execution in different territories is customized to needs of the Sales Representative and Customers in that territory. 

What will you be able to do after this program? 

  • Expedite the execution of your sales force based on the success of others
  • Allow for greater understanding which leads to better outcomes with challenging customers
  • Create a database of success of the actions that have had real customer impact
  • Increase positive collaboration between sales representatives who have a vested interest in each other’s success
  • Create an environment where customer impactful best practices are recognized 

Please contact Dr. Dan for more details.

Let’s talk about your Sales Best Practices sharing.