Better Adboards

Both National and Regional Adboards offer tremendous value for your business by getting the information that you need to make critical business decisions. Experts gather and answer your questions and for the most part you feel mission accomplished.

This model for Adboards seems to have stood the test of time, except for one significant factor:

The experts’ answers are not always what happens when they return to their practices.

This does not mean that there is dishonesty on any level. It simply means that theoretical discussions do not always represent reality. Why? Because when practicing there are multiple factors in decision making that the typical Adboard does not consider in its’ question and answer response format.

 How to get at what will happen – when your customers are making critical decisions in their practices?

 Dr. Dan Neundorf has designed the Better Adboard process that uses real time simulations to ensure you get the information from your experts that aligns to their daily practices – in front of a patient when pen hits paper or fingers tap the keyboard.

 Dr. Dan makes it simple – in 3 Steps

 Step 1: Dr. Dan Neundorf gathers your needs for your Adboard.

Step 2: Your Adboard agenda is created and workshops designed to ensure that you get all of the information that you need through real time simulations – information that will help you make critical business decisions.

Step 3: A framework is designed to inform your Adboard participants on how their input provided significant value – this supports Adboard participant engagement and loyalty.

 You can facilitate, or Dr. Dan can.

 If you are comfortable facilitating your Adboard, Dr. Dan will ensure you are comfortable with the Better AdboardÔ content and process. Dr. Dan can also facilitate your Adboard allowing you the opportunity to participate or fully observe.

 Please contact Dr. Dan for more details.

Let’s talk about your Adboards and untapping their full potential.