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Without sales your business will fail. Would you like more sales?

Dr. Dan Neundorf supports your sales organization with the following services:

Popular Sales Programs

Sales Team Success Through Best Practice Sharing and Execution

Dr. Dan Neundorf has designed a Sales Best Practice process that ensures the most valuable Sales Best Practices are shared and their Execution in different territories is customized to needs of the Sales Representative and Customers in that territory. Dr. Dan teaches how to untap their full potential for better Sales Results. Please contact Dr. Dan for more details.

Beyond Customer Satisfaction to Customer Happiness

The difference between a satisfied customer and a happy customer is dramatic. Satisfaction is momentary and your competition has a greater opportunity to satisfy those same customers. A study by Gallup’s John H. Fleming and Jim Asplund finds that satisfied customers (called Rationally Satisfied in the study) behave no differently than dissatisfied customers. Dr. Dan Neundorf partners with your team to create Happy Customers. Please contact Dr. Dan for more details.

Storytelling Series

“You’re never going to kill storytelling because it’s built into the human plan. We come with it.” – Margaret Atwood, Novelist

Dr. Dan Neundorf has created a Storytelling Series to  support your sales model and increase customer impact. The series includes:

  • The Power of Storytelling
  • Storytelling in a Competitive Environment
  • Storytelling for No See Customers
  • Getting Your Customer’s Story

 Please contact Dr. Dan for more details.

The Why Program

Why do people believe what they do and what to do about it? 

Go beyond customer needs to what they believe. The program answers:

  • Why did it work with customers yesterday and it doesn’t today?
  • Why do my problem customers not react the same way as my good customers with the same info?
  • Why do some customers want to see me and others do not?
  • Why can’t I close certain customers?
  • Why do some customers choose our inferior competition?

 Please contact Dr. Dan for more details.

Let’s talk about your customers.