SIMpact Live™

What is SIMpact Live™?

A simulation is a way of seeing a thing happen without it actually taking place in the same way. In other words, a simulation is like being there without the risk of making an unrecoverable mistake or error – a safe and effective way to learn and practice. SIMpact Live™ is an online learning experience with 2 explicit outcomes:

  1. Practice navigating through various conversational scenarios with the goal of positively influencing your simulation partner
  2. Develop skills in communication by working through realistic cases where the objectives are communication clarity, influence and impact

Each SIMpact Live™ Simulation:

  • Starts with a scenario where you will be challenged to respond to advance the conversation.
  • You will receive feedback based on each response. Feedback will outline how your response either advances the conversation or poses additional challenges.
  • Each simulation has customized reports which show your responses and in what order, time to respond (some simulations), elapsed time, and more.
  • You will receive a printable Certificate of Completion to use for your Professional Development reporting.

Your SIMpact Live™ Client Portal:

  • Contains all of your purchased SIMpact Live Simulations.
  • Lists available SIMpact Live Simulations available for purchase.
  • Contains all your Reports, Receipts and Certificates of Completion for each SIMpact Live Simulation that you have taken.
  • Gives you access to Book a Coaching Meeting with Dr. Dan for continued development (additional cost). All conversations are customized to your learning needs.

SIMpact Live™ Programs:

We are adding simulations on a regular basis.

Coming Soon

English as a Second Language Skills Development

Influence with Impact

Influence without Authority

Negotiation Success

Leading Collaboratively in a Virtual Environment

Leadership Skills

Leading in a Virtual Environment

Influence with Impact

Leading Experienced Employees / High Performers

Leading in a VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguous) Environment

Sales Skills

Success with Challenging Customers

Delivering Customer Value

Competitive Immunity

Competitive Mindset

Pre-call Planning

Gaining Interest

Determining Customer Needs


Building Rapport

Getting Results virtually with Customers

Selling for Biomedical Sales Professionals

Influencing Customer Belief in Biomedical Sales – Uncover Needs

Influencing Customer Belief in Biomedical Sales – Product Safety Conversation

Influencing Customer Belief in Biomedical Sales – Product Administration Conversation

Influencing Customer Belief in Biomedical Sales – Helping a Customer Re-Prioritize Needs

Influencing Customer Belief in Biomedical Sales – Product Efficacy Conversation

Competitive Selling

Influencing Customer Belief in Biomedical Sales – The Challenging Customer in Biomedical Sales

Each simulation is $285.00 plus HST. The cost includes:

  1. Unlimited access to the SIMpact Live™ program you purchased
  2. Feedback at every stage of the simulation
  3. Access to your results report to see how you are doing
  4. Certificates of completion for your Professional Development

SIMpact Live™ is your go to learning partner whether it be to practice a skill or learn a skill. Some of our clients choose to enhance the learning experience by partnering with Dr. Dan in one on one virtual coaching. During coaching meetings, Dr. Dan will partner with you and provide a customized learning experience for you. Please contact us for more information on coaching with Dr. Dan.

Yes we do. We have designed custom simulations for specific products (sales) and scenarios that are specific to organizations. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

SIMpact incorporates two concepts – Simulation and Impact Training and Development, Inc. We wanted a catchy name that demonstrated the customized nature of our simulations. We use the word Live because learning and skills development happens in real time. You can also partner individually with Dr. Dan – another reason for the word Live.