Dr. Dan Neundorf offers a wide range of workshops in Leadership, Team Optimization, Sales Management and Selling. All workshops are customized based on the client’s pressing challenges or opportunities. Please contact Dr. Dan Neundorf for more information on any of the workshops. If you have needs not listed below, Dr. Dan will create and facilitate a workshop to ensure the business impact you are seeking.

Leadership Workshops


  • Leading Virtual Teams
  • Influential Conversations
  • Performance Coaching
  • Coaching Experienced Employees / High Performers
  • Conflict Resolution Techniques
  • Creative Problem Solving
  • Improv in Business
  • Influence without Authority
  • Leading in a VUCA Environment
  • Change Leadership

Team Optimization Workshops


  • Building a High Performing Team
  • The Team Charter
  • Marketing Team Optimization
  • Sales Team Optimization
  • Leadership Team Optimization
  • Business Partner Team Optimization
  • Facilitating Virtual Meetings
  • Getting Things Done Cross Functionally

Sales Workshops


  • What Great Sales Managers Need
  • Challenging Customers – Foundations
  • Challenging Customers – Advanced
  • Delivering Customer Happiness
  • Competitive Selling
  • Advanced Closing the Sale

MBTI Series Workshops


  • Coaching using MBTI
  • Using Type to Solve Conflicts
  • Communication Strategies using Type
  • Optimizing Leadership using Type
  • Type and Managing Change
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making using Type

Let’s talk about your workshop needs.